Escape Room Buffalo Escape Lab


You work in a government funded lab with various microbes and deadly pathogens. It’s a normal day in the lab when suddenly the emergency lockdown alarm sounds; a possible contamination has been sensed by the building’s ventilation system. Of course this is the day that your lab partner called in sick! You need to find his half of your team's research and get out before the lock down is initiated in your part of the lab. Can you escape before the incendiary decontamination process begins?


Escape Room Buffalo Museum Heist


You and your team have discovered the hidden journal of the famous treasure hunter, Ichabod Picotrain. It’s contents have led you to the private artifact collection of the secretive billionaire, Edward Vanderbilt, being showcased at the Museum of Perplexing Discoveries. You find out there is a hidden artifact of unknown worth inside the museum, one that not even Vanderbilt has uncovered yet. Your cohort, the brilliant hacker ‘Captain Crunch’ has disabled the museum’s main security system giving you 60 minutes to get in and out. Your mission is to infiltrate the museum in the dead of night without being detected by Vanderbilt’s state of the art security system. Can you unravel the mystery of the hidden artifact before time runs out?


Escape Room Buffalo


Your dear Aunt Gertrude just passed away, and other than her cats her favorite thing in life was money. She stated in her will that she would leave her vast fortune to the one family member who could find it. Everyone has failed so far, now it's your turn! The only catch is, the demolition team is going to level her house to build a new thruway off ramp in just an hour. Can you and your team uncover Aunt Gertrude's fortune and make it out before the wrecking crew starts?